Sunday, October 30, 2011

Torrance: Oumi Sasaya

Having the drive to carry on her father's passion and taste for udon, Oumi Sasaya chef/owner Kitamura-san brought Torrance authentic udon made with selectively imported ingredients like flour and bonito flake that stands out among the many Japanese establishments in the area.


Just like picky diners want to know their farmers for all their fruits and veggies, it's also the case here when it comes to good ol' udon slurping. At Oumi Sasaya, sit at the bar, watching the owner's attention on each and every bowl, resting assure that you are in good hands.


Sesame Flavored Shrimp Tempra Udon - Cold

Shrimp & Mochi Tempura Udon - Hot


OS's local ingredients - not to be taken any less than the imported goods - let it be the giant succulent prawn, the crispy mochi rice cake, or the side order of soft poached egg in the udon, the chef's components taste fresh, and provide great visual impact.


Though the dip of the Duck Udon by itself could use less sodium, here you are given some scallion infused hot water to adjust and enjoy a hearty meal.


Do not be fooled by its one dimensional look, the Curry Udon’s base has good depth and goes in extra smooth with the silky noodle and its crispy and tender components.


The house's signature udon, the Nabeyaki Udon, is limited to six orders per day. Its generous portion with fresh ingredients cooked-to-order in a hotpot that seals in and elevates all the umami goodness is worth the wait, especially on a chilly night.


Given the high level of craft, ingredient, and service in a two dollar sign setting, the constant 10-15 minutes line is surely living proof for those in the know.

Oumi Sasaya | 2383 Lomita Blvd., Unit 101, Lomita, CA 90717 - map | (310) 530-4661

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